Recent Scout Activities

Here is a roundup of different activities the scouts have been upto recently

–       Lights out evening where they brought their own empty tin can & put
a tealight underneath and cooked themselves pancakes.
–       Burns night where they learnt about Robert Burns and ate Haggis
(veggie option was provided as well).
–       Evening hike from scout hut to Kings Langley along the canal.
–       Visit to the fire station to do their fire safety badge where they
pitched and climbed ladders, went through the smoke house which was dark and
had to find their way through following a line that had been placed for them
to follow – practising how to search for people in a smoke-filled house,
teambuilding, house risk assesment for their own house.  They also dressed
up in proper fire-fighting gear, gloves, helmets, boots etc which are made
specifically for younger people.
–       Bushcraft skills evening – firelighting evening where they were
taught how to use axes, saws and knives.  Learnt how to set fires, splitting
the wood to make forks which they then cooked sausages on.
–       For the last few weeks the scouts have been making a time capsule
which they are burying this week in the back.  This is part of their
heritage badge where a ladey from the Dacorum heritage society gave a talk
on local history and showed them things of interest from Hemel.
–       Fitness badge is beginning this week and continuing next week – more
details to follow.

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