Scout Camp ~ Paccar – Chalfont St. Peter Oct 12

This weekend we all had some great fun at the Paccar Campsite @ Chalfont St.Peter.




It was only a weekend camp, the scouts arrived first on Friday evening after a hike which everyone seemed to enjoy, then the Cubs joined us. The Beavers arrived on the Sat Morning all ready for their first sleepover.


We did plenty of activities, the Scouts cooked for themselves all weekend, including a BBQ for everyone on the Sat evening. We had a couple of wide games in the woods as well, all young people enjoyed those – Attack & Defend and Cops & Robbers.

The cubs and beavers also did some Autumn Art, they made a big tree on the ground from leaves and twigs that we found on the floor. They all worked well together to gather it all and arrange it. We even found a nearby tree to climb and photograph it so you get a better idea what it looks like.


Throughout the weekend we asked various young people what was their favourite part, here are some of the comments :-

“The wide games were really fun!”

“No Parents”

“Climbing trees seeing our art”

“Looking after ourselves”

“The whole weekend was great, it was my first one!”


“Making fires and exploring”


“Reminded me of when I was a scout” – One of the parent helpers 😉

So there you have a brief description to our weekend away, below are the photos of the weekend…Please have a look through.


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