Paccar Weekend Camp Oct 2013


This weekend was the Autumn camp away for 3rd Boxmoor Scout Group at Paccar Campsite in Chalfont Heights and despite some rain we all had a great time! The Friday night saw the arrival of the Cubs while the Scouts did a hike to the campsite. Once both the Cubs and Scouts had arrived they all had some fun before heading off to bed.

Saturday everyone was up early for a big breakfast before getting their rooms ready for an inspection followed by the Beavers arriving. It was supposed to rain but I think the camping gods were looking over us as it didn’t. This meant we could go into the woods and do some autumn art, we found a huge pile of logs to which the cubs and beavers helped ferry to an open space and spelt out 100 3rd Boxmoor with them. It looked fantastic, if you look below you will see what we mean. We then went on a flour trail followed by more trails but with sticks this time so we had to really pay attention to keep on the trail.

Sunday it did rain which caused us to do more indoor activities but everyone still had fun, and there was a few tired faces too. Thank you to all leaders and parent helpers over the weekend!

Below is a series of photos taken from the weekend, we hope you enjoy looking through them.

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