Longridge Activity Centre Camp May 2017

Whew and it’s done! Now that normality has somewhat returned to our house, boys laying watching TV and back on electronic devices after a good scrub in the shower, I now tackle the washing and putting sleeping bags, tent and equipment away for the next camp. But it is very much worth it. The beavers cubs and scouts all did an amazing job at taking on all the activities and behaving impeccably. 

We had an eventful start to our journey, with the mini bus breaking down before even leaving Hemel Hempstead! Luckily our parents and leaders with the scouts were able to arrange another mini bus while we waited at the hut. Thank you to all parents who helped to take scouts to Longridge as the only mini bus we could get was a little smaller. 

On Saturday we arrived at camp, we were spoilt by the fact our mess tent and kitchen we already set up by some very special scout helpers! Tents up next and we soon discovered we had some company in camp. Lots of geese with goslings all over the site! As everyone was soon on site, we came together and started with flag break. Packed lunches next and explored our site – in the afternoon our group went dragon boating. 

When we were done there, back to camp for our traditional first night BBQ! Lots of games before dinner then off to bed. Lots of giggles and laughter late into the night and very early the next morning! 

Sunday was a very busy day. Raft building, sailing and canoeing for cubs and scouts. Our beavers made boats, went on a nature walk and played so many games. The weather was incredibly kind to us and started raining late into the evening. Our evening meal was chicken curry with rice and naan, or chicken in a white wine sauce with mushrooms and peas! Our vegetarians also has versions of these meals with lots of vegetables on offer for everyone. 

Monday was a little bit of a quieter day, but after the busy day before and thunder and lightening during the night, everyone enjoyed it. Outdoor skittles were set up, badminton, in the mess tent UNO and Looping Louie! All of which were well used and not forgetting Simon teaching a few magic card tricks! 

Our scouts built an outdoor oven and baked and entire cake, whilst others made chocolate bananas and cake in orange skins on the BBQ. They smelt amazing and judging how quickly they all ate them, they must’ve been good! 

Laser tag after lunch with cubs and beavers in the first session, followed by the very serious business of scouts leaders and parents! 

Before dinner, a game away from camp, and getting caught out in a sudden downpour!  Our your people arrived back in camp slightly wet but dragging lots of wood back for the fire. All dried off and onto dinner of meatballs, pasta and plenty of cheese. Our vegetarians had Vegetarian meatballs and a vegetable saut√© mix. 

Tuesday morning camp was very busy indeed, lots of packing being done, tents coming down and everything being cleared away. Lots of trips to the shop for snacks before lunch and getting ready to leave. Thank you to all who drove young people in the cars to get everyone home. Once back at the hut, all the equipment was put away very quickly with everyone helping. 

So in all, a very good camp with lots of thanks to all our leaders, parents and special scout helpers. All of who gave up their long weekend and their time to organise the camp, we hope you are all home relaxing before going back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to the next camp already! 


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