Longridge Activity Centre Camp May 2017

Whew and it’s done! Now that normality has somewhat returned to our house, boys laying watching TV and back on electronic devices after a good scrub in the shower, I now tackle the washing and putting sleeping bags, tent and equipment away for the next camp. But it is very much worth it. The beavers .. read more

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Pinewood Derby Preperation 2017

We finally received our Pinewood cars so the scouts were hard at work designing and shaping their creations. Here are some photos from the evening.

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Scouts Indoor Pioneering

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3rd Boxmoor Chip Hike

For 3rd Boxmoor Scouts this week we had the famous Chip hike in store! The morning was full of rain but luckily it had stopped by the afternoon so we had a rain free hike. The Scouts all seem to enjoy this activity as do the leaders, we basically start at the Scout hut and .. read more

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Paccar Weekend Camp Oct 2013

This weekend was the Autumn camp away for 3rd Boxmoor Scout Group at Paccar Campsite in Chalfont Heights and despite some rain we all had a great time! The Friday night saw the arrival of the Cubs while the Scouts did a hike to the campsite. Once both the Cubs and Scouts had arrived they all .. read more

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